Terms & conditions

1. Pack all goods carefully

All small items should be packed to removal boxes or carton boxes. Market plastic bags are not recommended as packing material. Removal boxes should not be packed too full. Leave approx 5cm free space to all boxes so that they can be piled safely without damaging goods inside. All fragile items should be covered with paper, bubble plastic or other similar soft materials. Textiles, clothes and other soft items can be packed to big 150-200L plastic bags. Remember to close bags example with tape so that items do not fall out during the removal.

2. Prepare all furniture for removal carefully

remove all loose shelfs from cabinets and bookcases and pack them with tape or plastic wrap together Bed frames, big cabinets, bookcases and other big furniture must be dismantled so that they can be carried easily without damaging walls or item itself drawers must be empty and cabinet doors and drawers must be locked if possible. Key should be removed from lock and tape it to back side of cabinet. If doors and drawers cannot be locked they must be taped or wraped with plastic wrap so that they do not open during removal. Big textile furniture like couch, mattress etc should be covered example with plastic wrap during the removal to avoid dirt in case of bad weather. Mirrors, paintings, lamps and other fragile items should be packed with carton, bubble plastic to keep them in goods condition standard lamps with long arm should be supported so that it cannot bend.

3. Cover sensitive surfaces

furniture with sensitive surface should be covered with carton, plastic wrap or bubble plastic. Cover must be attached so that item can be carried safely. Plants should be covered also with carton or bubble plastic

4. Other issues

Suomimuutto Oy has to be noticed in advance if there is some extra heavy or big items like piano, safe or other items which needs extra handling. Example if couch has extraordinary bed mechanism or table top is made from heavy stone or glass and it can be detached while item is carried. Note weather conditions: Computers, fridge, freezers and other electrical equipments should be connected only after temperature has steadied. original packings for example tv and other electrical equipments should be used if possible. transportation support for washing machines should be used while transportation. Washing machines and dish washer has to be emptied from water before removal. Also water and electrical should be disconnected in advance. Suomimuutto Oy do not carry dangerous materials like gas bottles, bensin canisters, guns etc. Customer has to carry those by themselves.;

5. Possible damages and claims

If some reason some damages happens during removal to items or apartment, should home insurance cover those. Customer has to do written reclaim to Suomimuutto Oy in seven (7) days. If this is not done, Suomimuutto Oy is not responsible of any damages. If removed goods, items and furniture is not packed and covered properly, Suomimuutto Oy is not responsible of any damages. Proper packing should always be done by customer unless otherwise is agreed. Also protecting/covering floors during removal is customer´s responsibility unless otherwise is agreed. Customer and employee’s of Suomimuutto Oy has to be able to identify events (mistake / gross negligence) that caused damages to items or to property. If this cannot be done, Suomimuutto Oy is not responsible of damages.

6. Liability insurance

Suomimuutto Oy´s liability insurance covers damages to solid property (buildings, frameworks etc) upto 500.000 Euros. Remember cover floors. In case of compensation or if additional insurance will be taken, will insurance value be calculated based to today´s value (actual value on day of removal). If there is items with value over 2.000 euro, those has to be insured separately. Suomimuutto Oy´s responsibility for carried items is based to road transport insurance and it is 20 euros / kg.

7. Cancellation policy

Cancellation latest 7 days before confirmed removal date is free of charge. After that cancellation fee 150 euros will be charged. Removal date can be changed to other date without additional charges, new date can be set subject to availability.Please read carefully instructions and conditions before removal. You can always contact us if you need any assistance or help.

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